Step 1. Setup the database

Create a new database schema and execute script/scott-tiger.sql . Make sure that the script runs successfully.

$ db2 connect to wisser user wisser using <password>
$ db2 -tvf script/scott-tiger.sql

Step 2. Building the data model

Start the Tool (see "Installation" )

$ sh

and create a new data model. Press New and enter "Tutorial" as the name for the new model.

A data model holds information about the tables in the database and all associations between them.
Most of the information can be retrieved automatically by analyzing the database schema.

Click on Analyze Database.
You will be asked for the database connection information.

Create a new connection.

Select the DBMS you are using from the displayed list, and fill out the following form:

Finally click on Connect. Jailer finds seven tables and five associations:

Two associations are still missing:

  • an employee is classified into a salary grade depending on his salary
  • employees may receive bonuses

Add the definitions manually (Add-Button under Associations):

The data model is now complete.