A quick tour through Jailer.

Extraction Model Editor

  1. Subject table.
  2. Subject condition. The export process starts with rows of subject table where this condition holds.
  3. Export format.
  4. Starts export.
  5. Focused table.
  6. Outline of focused table.
  7. Restrictions editor. Edit restriction on currently selected association here.
  8. Model-graph panel.
    • Panning. Drag with left mouse-button.
    • Zooming. Drag with right mouse-button on empty space.
    • Zoom in/out. Mouse-wheel down/up.
    • Zoom to fit. Click with right mouse-button on empty space.
    • Context menu. Click with right mouse-button on table.
    • Select association. Click with left mouse-button on association.
    • Expand table. Double-click with right mouse-button on collapsed table.
    • Collapse table. Double-click with right mouse-button on expanded table.
    • Move table. Drag with left mouse-button on table.
  9. Currently selected association.
  10. Collapsed table. Table with hidden neighbors.
  11. Subject table.

Data Model Editor

  1. List of all tables.
  2. List of all associations.

Table Editor

  1. Table name.
  2. Columns.
  3. Insert/Upsert selection. Use Upserts if exported rows may already exist in the database in which you want to import them.
  4. Exclude from deletion. If switched-on, no delete-statements will be generated for the rows of this table.

Association Editor

  1. Source table.
  2. Type. "associates", "depends on" and "has dependent".
  3. Destination table.
  4. Join Condition. Condition which is fulfilled by a pair of rows if and only if the two rows are associated with each other.
  5. Cardinality. If you're not very sure what the cardinality of the association is, it is better to leave this field blank!
  6. Name. Unique name of association.

Data Export Dialog

  1. Export into. Name of SQL-script containing INSERT-statements for exported rows. If the name ends with '.zip', then a zip-compressed file will be generated.
  2. Generate delete-script. Name of SQL-script containing DELETE-statements for rows to be deleted. If the name ends with '.zip', then a zip-compressed file will be generated.
  3. Parallel threads. Number of thread/concurrent connections to be used for export-process. Set this number to 1 if you encounter problems with concurrent connections.
  4. Rows per statement. Maximum number of rows to be inserted with singe INSERT-statement (if your DBMS supports multi-row inserts).

  • File
    • New Model. Creates new empty extraction model.
    • Load. Load extraction model.
    • Save. Saves. extraction model.
    • Save as... Asks for file name and saves extraction model.
    • Connect database. Connect or Re-connect to a database.
    • Disconnect. Disconnect from database.
    • Exit.
  • Restriction
    • Disable all associations. Creates a "disabled"-restriction for each association. Use this if you want to explicitly tell Jailer what you want to export, instead of telling him what you don't want.
    • Remove all restrictions. Removes all previously defined restrictions from model.
  • View
    • Collapse all. Collapses all tables in model-graph panel.
    • Expand all. Expands all tables in model-graph panel.
    • Fix all. Fix the positions of all tables in model-graph panel.
    • Unfix all. Unfix the positions of all tables in model-graph panel.
    • Reset. Resets model-graph panel so that only subject table is visible.
    • Zoom to fix. Sets zoom scale of model-graph panel so that all tables fits into display.
    • Show table details. Show/Hide column definitions.
    • Show disabled associations. If enabled, don't show disabled association and dont expand over disables associations. You may use Reset + Expand all then to see the closure of the subject.
    • Look&Feel. Changes the GUI Look&Feel.
  • Tools
    • Export Data. Opens Export Data Dialog.
    • Import Data. Imports data into database.
    • Analyze Database Analyzes the database and opens data model editor.
    • Data Model Editor. Opens data model editor.
    • Print Data Model. Prints out data model as plain text.
    • HTML Rendering. Generates HTML pages for all tables showing restrictions and associations.
  • Help
    • Content. Opens web site in browser.
    • Tutorial. Opens tutorial page in browser.
    • Software Update. Looks for software update at jailer.sourceforge.net.
    • About.